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REMSIS can implement full Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems for midsized businesses across the San Diego region including in Escondido, La Mesa, Del Mar, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Oceanside and other areas.

If you are looking to upgrade and update your company’s phone services to incorporate new features and services, including full integration with computers, devices and your network, a VoIP system may be the way to go. VoIP is the telephone part of “cutting the cord” which allows you to eliminate the costs of landline service by integrating your phone lines with your broadband internet connection.

Implementing this service, however, requires the technical expertise of a managed IT solutions company. Many businesses have attempted to go it alone and have regretted the decision. At REMSIS, we can help you design, assemble and implement the ideal business VoIP services to suit your company’s specific needs, and continue to support them to enable your company’s growth for years to come. Get in touch with us and learn how our VoIP phone services can help your business function at it’s best.

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Top 4 Advantages of VoIP

Feel confident in your business IT partner for all of your business phone needs

Cost Savings

VoIP is significantly cheaper than traditional telephone lines as it takes advantage of your existing internet service.

Scales With the Business

Removing and adding lines with VoIP is a breeze and won't increase workload or decrease performance or efficiency.


VoIP is prefect for remote workers. This means greater flexibility and access wherever there is an internet connection available.

Features and Integration

Call forwarding, video conferencing and more are all possible with VoIP. These systems are also easy to integrate with many common business applications.

Business VoIP Services

Upgrading your business with VoIP phone services can provide speed, reliability and a level of feature integration that physical and analog landlines simply cannot. They allow you to enjoy mobile communications and integrate phone calls with your computer, and we can tailor services to your company.

Every company has unique and different needs. In some cases, you might want a general phone service for your staff to use in the office, at home and on the go. In other cases, you may want a system that only calls within the network. You may want conference call capabilities, or you may only need one-to-one service. The business VoIP services you require will depend on your particular needs and budget. We can work with you to create the perfect system to support and help you grow your company.

VoIP Phone system at a San Diego employee meeting with different mobile devices

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP use broadband internet technology to make phone calls. These systems have a nearly infinite number of features from which to choose, making them ultimately customizable for budget and company size.

Some VoIP phone systems only allow calls to others using the same service, while others allow calling to any telephone number in the world. Some require special phones or work only via computers, while others let you use a VoIP adapter with your existing traditional phones.

With VoIP, your voice is converted to a digital signal and transferred over the internet, much like streaming audio from an internet radio service. It is then, if needed, converted back to a regular telephone signal if it is going to a traditional phone. In some cases, VoIP services can be used at any place with a broadband wireless hot spot.

Business VoIP services in San Diego connected from internet to phoneThe basics of VoIP require a broadband connection. No matter which options you choose, this is required.

That is generally not an issue, however, as most businesses these days have such a connection, but if yours does not, REMSIS can help you establish service as well.

Next, you will need computers, specialized phones or adapters for your existing phones to use VoIP services. The specifics of the equipment will depend on the system we set up for you. Some work only over a computer. Others require special phones. Still more use traditional phones that use a special adapter.

When our managed service provider team performs an IT system assessment for your new system, we will look at your specific requirements, speaking to your sales team, contact centers, support staff and other departments to determine their specific communications needs. We will then develop a project plan and establish a timeline for implementation to avoid unnecessary interruptions in your operations.

We will address any security vulnerabilities we find before, during or after the implementation to ensure that your communications are always secure and protected. Finally, we will provide the IT managed services infrastructure you need to continue to support your quality service for years to come, from system monitoring to full-service personalized IT help desk solutions.

Implementing VoIP business phone systems can be complex and intimidating. We will be by your side every step of the way, helping you to grow your company and enjoy security and reliability in all your communications needs.

Business Phone Systems Tailored to Your Company

There is no “one size fits all” solution for business IT needs, and that includes business phone systems. There is, however, a one-stop shop for your IT needs, and that is the white-glove service provided by REMSIS.

How often does your staff reach out to management complaining that they need more robust communications, that they are having computer problems or that the network is slow? Our IT services experts are ready to tackle these problems and save you man-hours and time while providing the kind of networking and IT infrastructure your company needs to thrive and grow.

Don’t stumble in the dark with unreliable information technology. Contact REMSIS online or by calling 858-433-4888 for a systems analysis and quote today. 

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