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On a daily basis, how much time does your staff spend on PC problems and other technical issues?

From printers that won’t print to Word documents that won’t open, your employees may be struggling to operate as efficiently as they should be. They may also have to rely on management for technical support. This will always result in time spent inefficiently for all of your staff members.

The lack of structure and technical expertise can waste crucial time and resources. Team members should be spending that on their own areas of expertise instead. That way, your employees can focus on what they should be, your business’ operations. Otherwise, with so much time wasted, how can any business expect to consistently grow?

By offering the IT helpdesk services you need, we can help support your team with the technical issues so you can get back to growing your business.

The goal is the simple: Organizing your IT infrastructure, using our tech support team to help your employees with technical issues, and getting your employees back on task moving the business forward. Contact REMSIS today to speak with an IT specialist about creating a support system that’s right for your business.


Tech Support 24/7

When you are facing a problem, sometimes you can’t afford to wait for the solution. Maybe you’re several hours into an important business process and face a sudden data loss, perhaps even a full system failure. If you don’t have a dedicated support team on staff, who is going to help?

This is why we provide 24/7 technical support to businesses in the San Diego area, including Carlsbad, Escondido, La Mesa, Oceanside, San Marcos, CA, and the surrounding areas. You never know when an IT emergency will arise. Contact our IT company and get the IT support you need to be prepared to handle any technical issues that you face, day or night.


Disaster Recovery Services

No one likes to think about the negative outcomes that might happen should your company’s data become compromised.

Whether it comes from a natural disaster, a ransomware attack, or a hardware or software malfunction, having your data backed up off-site will allow you to continue your business with as little disruption as possible.

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On-Site IT Support

In other circumstances having an on-site visit is required to ensure that the network and more are all working as they should. Our consultants will visit you at your location and will help you minimize downtime and improve technical processes.


Remote IT Support

There are a variety of IT support issues that can be easily corrected via remote access. From software updates to password lockouts and more, we can provide remote IT support that frees up your team to deal with more pressing business issues.


IT Consulting / Strategy

Just because you mapped out your network a year ago doesn’t mean that same outline will work in the coming months and years. That’s why we offer a variety of IT and cloud consulting services.

Our team can help to revise your past system or set you up with the latest in cloud computing technology. We are your one-stop shop for IT consulting. Whether you just need help improving your cyber security or you need substantial infrastructure monitoring, REMSIS has the services you need.

Cloud Solutions & Data Back-Up

Rather than having to support numerous software installs, let us implement a cloud-based solution that can easily scale as you grow and add staff.

We will also provide regular data back-ups for safety and security, making this an important aspect of tech support for many businesses.


IT Ticketing System

The right managed IT ticketing system can save your employees a wealth of time and stress. At REMSIS, our managed HelpDesk services can give your staff a portal to get instant answers and help with your network problems.

Get access to clear and easy support conversations with customizable support options tailored specifically to your business.

The sky is the limit, with REMSIS on your team.

Call us today to see how our managed HelpDesk and IT support services can help improve your business operations. We want to help you grow your business with efficient IT services!

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